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Latest IELTS Result of ACCESS Institute Student- Saurav

Saurav enrolled in the IELTS Academic course at ACCESS Institute for higher studies overseas and achieved  8.0 OVERALL BANDSCORE, which is a highly impressive score, with the proper implementation of the strategic methods taught at the institute, coupled with his own sincere approach to the exam preparation.

His individual scores are-
Well done Saurav!
Overall 8.0 Bandscore in IELTS Academic

Immigration to Canada, Australia -Earn in Dollars

Why Earn in Rupees When You can Earn in Dollars through Immigration to Canada, Australia or New Zealand?
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Why Earn in Rupees when you can earn in Dollars through Immigration to Canada, Australia and New Zealand?

Average Salary in Australia – Job and Sector Comparison.

Job  Net
Monthly Income
constant 2005 US$ (1)
Notes :    
May 2004. Normal hours

collective agreements.
Gross Monthly
Average Income ($)
Dentist average income $ 4,087 Average of dentist and
general physician.
7,480 36.6
General Physician average income $ 4,087 Average of dentist and
general physician.
7,480 44.4
Professor average income $ 3,384 5,945
Engineer average income $ 3,312 Chemical engineer. 5,820 38.9
Computer Programmer average income $ 3,211 All programmers,
all industries.
5,642 38.2
Physiotherapist average income $ 2,744 4,636 38.1
Teacher average income $ 2,742 4,632 39.1
Professional Nurse average income $ 2,653 4,426 38.0

Both Australia and Canada have an enviable reputation as places where people enjoy a high quality of life and a high standard of living. According to the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canadian workers are also at a higher level when it comes to income. Data shows that the country ranks tenth among the OECD’s 34 member states in terms of average wages. In 2013, the latest year under review, the average was $47,794 per year. What’s more, Canada’s real minimum wage in 2015 was $8.20 per hour.

Canada and Australia are the two largest countries that select potential skilled immigrants using a points system.

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Latest IELTS Result of ACCESS Students

Prafulla aggregated an overall Band Score of 8.0 as well as a  BAND SCORE of 8.0/9.0 in Speaking Section in the IELTS General Training exam, by adopting the strategies and methods provided at ACCESS Institute, apart from putting in dedicated practice .

 His individual scores are-


Congratulations Prafulla!
Overall 8.0 IELTS Bandscore, with 8.0 in Speaking


Immigration Minister announces key initiatives to promote Francophone immigration from pre-arrival to citizenship

November 7, 2018 — Ottawa, ON — Promoting Francophone immigration is a priority for the Government of Canada. As part of National Francophone Immigration Week, the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced a number of key initiatives to improve and grow services for francophone immigrants.

Reinforcing Francophone settlement services from pre-arrival to citizenship will ensure the successful integration and retention of French-speaking newcomers to Canada.